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Edited Photo (Just for FUN)

  • Senin, 09 Juli 2012
  • Priskila Savyera
  • Photo Taken by : Michael Sostenus
    Edited by : Priskila Savyera 
    Object : (Ferby, Valend, Merry, Caroline, Tere)
     Photo Taken by : Piere Barbier
    Edited : Priskila Savyera
    Object : Basileans
     Edited by : Priskila Savyera
    Object : My Fellas

    Photo Taken by : Michael Sostenus                   Taken by : Tito Christ
    Edited by : Priskila Savyera                               Photo Edited by : Priskila Savyera
    Object : My fellas                                             Object : Priskila Savyera

    These are me and my friends photos in a lot of event in our community. The pictures are taken by my talented photographer friends (big thanks to them!) . These are just for fun, the thing that I do when I don't have any idea to do anything (you know what I mean, just to spending my time). For editing style, I'd like to use many kind of editing style for editing photos, so there is no special style I use (or maybe not yet).

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