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Self Potrait

  • Rabu, 22 Mei 2013
  • Priskila Savyera

  • "My flesh may fails, but my GOD, YOU never will."
    - elevation worship

    'lil project for self potrait. I love the result too much, simple as I want. Edited using photoshop and anyway this picture taken by felicia chandradi

    How you use red?

  • Senin, 04 Februari 2013
  • Priskila Savyera
  • Bring Your Love Today

  • Priskila Savyera
  • Day To Night

  • Kamis, 31 Januari 2013
  • Priskila Savyera
  • Day To Night

    rag & bone . / Strenesse Blue blazer, $530 / Sergio Rossi high heel / Red pumps / Evening handbag

    green emerald street

  • Rabu, 30 Januari 2013
  • Priskila Savyera
  • green emerald street


    green emerald street by savyera

     I want to express a street motion using an exclusive color, in this case, I'm using green emerald combination. Then, I mix it with black and brown.
    As we know, green is represent life. For green emerald there is so much more deeper value and meaning.

    The Green Emerald stone is a stone of prosperity and riches, it is not just a materialistic stone. It also encourages spiritual growth, clear vision, memory, faith, intelligence and communication, inspiration, joy, intuition, clairvoyance, sensuality, love, romance, beauty, harmony, tranquility, serenity, clarity, cleansing, justice, friendship and unity. It seems that more kinds of physical healing have been ascribed to the emerald than to almost any other stone.

    I want to bring this so much values to the street, so in everywhere and anytime we are, we always feel perfectly health and peace.

    The brown color is to help express life and natural color.
    And black is represent street, immortal color, black tell us that anything can happen in the street, anything can happen in our life.

    This is the price list of the items above : 
    City shorts, $120 / High waisted black shorts / Hudson Jeans skinny fit jeans / Dr. Martens kitten heels / Vera Bradley handbag / Pieces metal jewelry, $13 / French Kande vintage style necklace / Neon glove / Lyle & Scott pashmina shawl, $31 / Checkered belt / Studded belt, $16 / DKNY / ChloƩ round sunglasses / Retro sunglasses / Empty Room [Page 4] Professional Royalty Free Stock Photos Pictures

    Edited Photo (Just for FUN)

  • Senin, 09 Juli 2012
  • Priskila Savyera
  • Photo Taken by : Michael Sostenus
    Edited by : Priskila Savyera 
    Object : (Ferby, Valend, Merry, Caroline, Tere)
     Photo Taken by : Piere Barbier
    Edited : Priskila Savyera
    Object : Basileans
     Edited by : Priskila Savyera
    Object : My Fellas

    Photo Taken by : Michael Sostenus                   Taken by : Tito Christ
    Edited by : Priskila Savyera                               Photo Edited by : Priskila Savyera
    Object : My fellas                                             Object : Priskila Savyera

    These are me and my friends photos in a lot of event in our community. The pictures are taken by my talented photographer friends (big thanks to them!) . These are just for fun, the thing that I do when I don't have any idea to do anything (you know what I mean, just to spending my time). For editing style, I'd like to use many kind of editing style for editing photos, so there is no special style I use (or maybe not yet).

    MOVE ON (flyer and promote picture)

  • Priskila Savyera
  • Flyer

    Promote Picture


    Idea : SIC Creative Team (Theme : Concert, Party, Tri-Color ; for the flyer, we made it with ticket style)
    Design by : Priskila Savyera
    Software : Adobe Photoshop
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